Below is a growing list of some of books, articles and blogs published by my former Writing your Family History Students. There are many others that have been solely distributed to family members.

Sue Paul
Title: Jeopardy of Every Wind: The biography of Captain Thomas Bowrey
Dollarbird, 2020
Accompanying blog: Captain Thomas Bowrey
Various family history articles and blogs

Janet Mackleston
Title: Extraordinary Charge Against A Clergyman: Biography of the Reverend Edward Muckleston
Book Guild Publishing, 2020
This is the biography of the Reverend Edward Muckleston MA (1819-1913), whose life was filled with scandals, many played out in the newspapers. Selfish and self-centred, he behaved in a way at odds with his vocation, seeming to care little about the impact of his actions on others. Who would expect a vicar to persistently fare dodge on the railways, maliciously damage a neighbour’s trees and even refuse to pay his washerwoman? His story provides insight into life during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, especially within the clergy. His extraordinary life has been pieced together using newspapers and local archives, by Janet Mackleston who has a family connection to the tale.

Julie Jakeway
Title: Madness, Melancholy and Mania or Women in the Asylum 1851 – 1870
Poppyland Publishing (Pending)
This book records the experiences of female patients in Norfolk Lunatic Asylum during the years 1851 to 1870. My focus in these pages is the women whose lives, through poverty, debility, distress and other factors over which they had no control, brought them to the asylum for a period of refuge, and the course of their lives in the years that followed.

A Lancashire Family in four generations (Book)
Date: March 2020
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This is the story of my Lancashire forebears beginning with my 3 x great grandparents and progressing through the generations to my grandfather Thomas Beardsworth, who moved to Brentford, Middlesex, from Leyland, Lancashire, in 1912 at the age of twenty. His life story continues in Brentford throughout the following seventy-four years until his death in 1986 at the age of ninety-four.

Norfolk Lunatic Asylum/St Andrew’s Hospital (Blog)
The Struggles of Motherhood Recorded in the Nineteenth Century (Blog)
Date: 7 and 20 June 2018, respectively
Both blogs published on the Norfolk Record Office blog and both relate to women’s mental health in the mid-nineteenth century.

Title: The Enigma of The Bell at Church House
Date: December 2014
An article recounting the period when Church House, the house next door to St Mary Hill Church, became a public house named ‘The Bell’ during the nineteenth century.

Julie Watkins
Title: Criminal or Victim?
Family Tree Magazine, December 2018 issue, pp 47-49
Description: The story of Jacob Cliff (1806-1883), a farm labourer in Rutland who began a life of petty crime in 1850 at the age of 44 and was ultimately transported to Australia in 1855 where he received a conditional pardon in 1857 and worked for the same employer until his death in 1883. The article seeks to answer questions for the reason he turned to crime so late in life, looking at the political, social, economic and geographic factors at the time which may have contributed to a life of crime as a means of survival. He died aged 77 being respected by his employer and colleagues and having done sufficiently well to bequeath gifts to those closest to him.

Nickie Johnson
Title: ‘Mysterious Last Request of Richard Matthews, and the Hamersleys of Old Windsor’
Publisher: Windsor Local History Group in their annual publication Windlesora. December 2020, Windlesora No. 36
Description: An article about the will of Richard Matthews, in the service of the Hamersley family in Windsor in the eighteenth century. He left an intriguing burial instruction.

Title: The Housekeeper
Pub: The Courtenay Society International Newsletter. March 2020, members newsletter published twice yearly.
Description: An article about the account books of Mrs Close, housekeeper at Powderham Castle late eighteenth century, and the colourful contribution estate wages books can make to both family and local history.

Stephen James King
Title: Humbugs and Doodlebugs: A Wartime Story of Seaside Sweetmakers, 2019
The true story of a young couple living in an invasion risk area during the Second World War. Stan and Doris are trying to keep their dream alive of running their own sweet making business. But getting in the way of their dream is German bombing, Stan’s call up into the army, Doris’ pregnancy, and a horrific train crash. Also, their best customers, the children of the town, are evacuated away. But somehow, through the darkest days of the war Stan and Doris’ business keeps making humbugs, pear drops and toffee for the people of Southend.
Available from Amazon or Waterstones, or direct from the author
Author’s comments: Until I came on your ‘Writing Family History’ course at the Society of Genealogists I had little idea of how I could produce a family history manuscript and publish a book. I read your ‘Writing Your Family History’ book also, and I then had the knowledge and inspiration to write ‘Humbugs and Doodlebugs’ and get it published. Hints on writing style, what to include and how to make the story interesting etc. gave me confidence that I was building my story into something that my audience would appreciate. Initially I knew nothing about self publishing, but by following your guidance particularly about using self publishing companies enabled me to publish a book that I am delighted with. Thank you.

Janet Rigby
Title: Celebrating Blackpool
Amberley Publishing (pending)

Sadie McMullen
Website and blogs about the history of Fletton

Liz Rastrick
Trimley St. Martin Recorder’s Blog

Helen Parker-Drabble
Title: A Victorian’s Inheritance: Who Do I Think You Were?
(E-book and print)
Various articles and blogs A Victorian’s Inheritance • Author Helen Parker-Drabble

Colin Feltham
Title: The Killing of Eliza Rudd
Publication: Suffolk Roots: Quarterly Journal of the Suffolk Family History Society. Vol.45:No 2:September 2019
Description: Henry Bedingfield was my great great grandfather’s sister’s husband. He was executed at Ipswich in 1879. Here is the tale of a Victorian melodrama.

Dorothy E. Prior
Title: Prior to This.
Description: The Four Branches of my Gibraltar Family. Published 2019.